The intention of this legal information booklet is to provide you with a basic understanding of our legal system and the relevant laws, agencies and organisations you may need to know about in your everyday lives.

1.1 Sources of law
There are two broad sources of law in Australia: the common law, and legislation. The common law is judge-made law, decided in court cases. Legislation is an Act passed by Parliament.

1.2 Different legal systems
In Western Australia, we operate under two different legal systems: Western Australian law, and federal Australian law. The WA Parliament and courts are responsible for WA law; while the federal Parliament and courts are responsible for federal law.

When a federal law and a WA law are inconsistent with each other, the Australian Constitution provides that the federal law prevails to the extent of the inconsistency.

Disclaimer: The content presented here is provided by way of information only and is not to be taken as legal advice. No responsibility is accepted for any incorrect information. If you require legal advice you should engage a lawyer.  

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